Please join my 8-week Academy that will transform your life!

Reinvent yourself

Discover the secrets to go from Inspiration to Transformation.


Preparation Week

Introductions in the group and connecting with the Life Transformational Academy community. This week you get a clear overview of the exciting weeks ahead. I also teach you to understand the importance of peak performance state and how to access your internal power.


Crystal Clear Vision

This is the week when you get to design YOUR life. Through a powerful meditation you will come in contact with the ultimate vision for your future one year from now. We will focus on getting your vision crystal clear in every area of your life. Learn to retrain your brain for success so you can attract the people, resources and opportunities you need to reach your goals.


What’s holding you back?

This week is based on breaking down the old patterns that have been controlling your entire life. You will unlock and release all the chains that have been holding you back. You will understand the power of taking charge of your state of mind and how to take ownership of your life. You will learn specific techniques for instantly disarming negative emotions and fears to re-pattern previous negative emotional triggers so they may never sabotage you again.


You are your habits!

Rituals shape the way our brains are feeling, thinking and acting. Learn to intentionally create daily rituals that set you up for success in every area of your life! We will also identify what main values drive your life at the moment and what happens when you are not honouring one of them.


Mastery of Relationships

Most areas of dysfunction that we experience can be traced back to the different relationships in our life: relationship with self, with intimate relationships and your relationship with a higher power. Learn how to have healthy, functional relationships in all areas! 


Four levels of awareness-how to live in flow

Life is not just random series of events steered by circumstances. Life is and intelligent unfolding series that reveals itself to you every day bringing you step by step from unconscious into a state of higher consciousness. Also learn the difference between the metaphysical and physical world.


Let’s talk about money!

Understanding how the world really works and mastering the mindset of money. Learn about the main principles behind how reality (as we know it) is created at a scientific level. Then use this principal to address the area of money and wealth to start creating more abundance in to your life.


Let’s take ACTION!

The last 6 letters of ATTRACTION is ACTION. ACTION is the only reason people get results. Learn the principles and actions required to get the exact result you want. Learn the emotional meaning behind all your activities and form a stronger link back to the outcome, making it more likely for you to achieve it! >> Included: lifelong access to the program, the community and weekly webinars <<